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Class Choice is a resource to help students adjust their schedule and pick classes/teachers for the upcoming year/trimesters. It is a great tool and helps students feel more in control of their classes. We highly recommend students log into Class Choice to look at their schedule as soon as possible. If students desire to move their schedule around, classes will fill fast which could make it difficult to get the classes they want.  The earlier students log in and customize their schedule, the better options they will have.  Counselors cannot override classes that are full.

Your login is your 4x4 (first 4 letters of last name and first 4 letters of first name) and password is your student ID number.

If your log in doesn't work, please access Class Choice through Unified Classroom via Quick Links tab.

Students and Parents, please pay attention to the following items:

  • Once changes are made in Class Choice, it may not automatically update in your schedule view in PowerSchool. Know that whatever schedule you create in Class Choice is accurate.
  • Your student may have one or more holes in his/her schedule. This is due to a variety of factors such as: Your student may not have requested enough classes or your student may not have been able to take one of his/her requested classes because the class is full. Your student will need to fill all holes in his/her schedule using Class Choice. A full schedule is 1st - 6th hour with the option of a 0 or 7th hour.  Instructions are available if you are not familiar with Class Choice.
  • If a class is full, it is full. You can keep checking while Class Choice is open to see if anyone has dropped that class, making it available for you to select.  If other students do not drop the class, you are not able to select it. Counselors cannot override full classes.
  • In order to move a core class to a different hour/trimester, you must first delete it from your schedule before it will be available to add at a different time.  Just remember that if you remove it from one area and change your mind, it might not be available any longer for the original hour/trimester due to students picking classes.
  • Once you drop a class, someone else might take it, so make sure you've located the class you want first and that you are truly willing to drop the class you're dropping (you might not be able to get it back).
  • If you are planning on taking an online class through Bonneville Online High School you will want to talk to your counselor to get signed up for the course. Space is very limited. 
  • Take ownership in your schedule by doing a thorough audit to ensure you received all the core classes you need this year (i.e. ALL sections of English (A,B & C), Math (A,B &/or C), Science (A,B), etc.), and that you are meeting your other graduation requirements.