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Click Here to go to Register My Athlete.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on School Login
  3. Select Idaho as your state and then go to Hillcrest High School
  4. Parents/Guardians need to create an account they can use.  Just fill out the information.
  5. After you create an account as a parent/guardian login with your new account.
  6. Please be sure to remember your username and password.  Put it somewhere where you can remember it.  We have a lot of people forget this.
  7. Click on + Add a new athlete.
  8. You must select each sport you will participate in for the entire year.
  9. Fill out the information for your athlete (If you have more than one athlete in your family participating, you will need to create an account for each athlete)
  10. After creating the account click on view profile.
  11. Go to the medical information and click ‘add’ and fill out the information.
  12. Go to the insurance information and click ‘add’ and fill out the information.
  13. When the athlete’s profile is finished you can click on +register for a sport.
  14. Click on the sport you would like to register for.  Be sure to select every sport you would like to play for the year.
  15. When you click on the sport you will need to read and fill out the electronic documents that are provided (Athletic policies, athlete sportsmanship, and parent/guardian sportsmanship, along with concussion information).
  16. When you are done, the parent must e-sign and the athlete must e-sign that you agree and understand the documents.
  17. Each athlete must have a physical and interim questionnaire on file.  You can download and print these documents under the section physical documents.  Then fill out the interim questionnaire and you and your athlete must sign it. 
  18. Take the physical form to a licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner and have them fill it out and sign it.  You and your athlete must also sign the form. 
  19. You can either upload both documents into your athlete’s account or bring them to the office and we will upload the documents for you.
  20. Fees can be paid to Hillcrest Bookkeeper after athletes have made a team.
    1. Fees must be paid before they participate in the first athletic contest.
  21. Your athlete should be registered for the rest of their high school career!!
  22. You, the coaches, and the school will manage all of your athlete’s information, registration, and even communication if necessary through

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