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  1. All tickets for home games will be pre-sale only. 

  2. There will not be any tickets for sale at the gate.

  3. 4 tickets will be set aside for athletes (Football, Volleyball)

  4. 2 tickets will be set aside for cheerleaders and marching band (unless performing during halftime and then up to 4 will be set aside)

  5. Any school group performing during halftime depending on the number of participants in the performance parents will be awarded 2-4 tickets.

  6. If parents wish to purchase a punch pass for all of our home games these will be available at the main office as well at the reduced rate ($4/game). These passes will be non-refundable, and count towards your allotment of set aside tickets.

  7. Tickets that have been set aside for players and coaches families will go on sale Monday Morning and parents will have until Wednesday at 12:00 noon to purchase and pick these tickets up from the main office.  At that point any tickets that have not been picked up will go back into the general pool of tickets for the students/public to purchase.

  8. Students will have first access to any tickets that have not been set aside for parents of athletes. Students can begin picking these tickets up in the office beginning Monday morning and it will be a first come first serve basis until sold out.  Each student will be able to pick up one ticket.

  9. Wednesday afternoon, any tickets that still remain will be made available to the general public.

The results are in and the data collected. Check out the great things achieved by our students and staff in the spring of 2020: 

Data from spring 2020

College and Career Advisor Update: 

Google classrooms have been set up for every grade level, so announcements and real time updates to scholarships are posted and emailed. Check out the classrooms that correspond to your student(s) needs: 

Class of 2021:  yoiszqc

Class of 2022:  7ydweoe

Class of 2023:  t4cacqm

Class of 2024:  iux554x

Upcoming Events:

Activities Calendar (Co-Curricular/Athletics)

** As always there will be weekly updates on our Social Media:
Facebook: @HillcrestHS
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Twitter: @Hillcrest_H_S

** We have also created a podcast/blog to extend some conversations with faculty and members of our HHS Legion doing great things, so please check that out as well: 



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