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Special Services

Special Education Programs

Trail Map for Parents 

Resource Room
The Resource Room is a specially designed learning environment for student's who have mild forms of a disability. While this program typically serves mostly students with Specific Learning Disabilities, any disabled student who has deficits in reading, written language or mathematics may be placed in the program. 
Title 1 Program
The Title 1 Program is a federally funded program designed to assist students who need remedial help in reading and mathematics. These students must qualify for services and generally do not have deficits significant enough to qualify for services under IDEA, although some students may be eligible for both programs. Currently, several of the elementary schools and Rocky Mountain Middle School offer Title 1 Programs. 
Homebound Program
The Homebound Program is designed to provide an ongoing educational program for any student unable to attend classes due to medical/health reasons, for at least 10 consecutive days. Placement in the Homebound Program is determined by a completed Parental Request Form and physician's statement requesting services. 
English as a Second Language Program
The ESL program is designed to increase the success Limited English Proficient (LEP) students have gaining access to the regular education curriculum. This is accomplished by offering preschool and full day kindergarten programs to reduce early grade retention. A pull out tutoring program is offered to LEP students grades one through eight. For high school students, a certified teacher provides English instruction and assistance in other curriculum areas. 
Gifted And Talented Education (G.A.T.E.)
This program is located at Telford Academy (2017 E. 49th N, Idaho Falls ID 83401).  The GATE coordinator is Katie Sparhawk (208) 523-5065

Related Services
Related Services are supportive programs or services required to assist the disabled student in acquiring maximum benefit from special education.

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