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Testing day for PSAT is scheduled for October 19, 2016 at Bonneville High School. BOHS students will check in at the DRAMA ROOM (room #158) by 8:20am.  The drama room is very close to the front office.  Testing should end around 1:00.

Make sure to use the restroom before you are seated and be prepared with your materials needed.  Please be in your seats by 8:20. Once testing begins, the doors will be locked and no one will be admitted. You will be given a short break during testing at which time, we will provide a snack for you.

There are only a few things you really need to bring on test day and a lot of things you’ll be better off leaving at home. If you have any question, please contact Mrs. Angell  angellt@d93.k12.id.us 

The 2017 SAT School Day Test Administration will be Tuesday, April 11, 2017.


The makeup date for students/schools will  be Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

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